Play4Life - Massage and Sports Therapy
Integrated Deep Tissue Therapy
$85/60 minute session*
$125/90 minute session*

This form of massage/bodywork combines elements of myofascial release, trigger point & positional release therapy, deep swedish, acupressure, lymph drainage, passive stretches and muscle energy techniques.  Sessions may also include the application of heat/cold as needed. 

Corrective Exercise Plan - $25
(*when combined with a massage session)        
A customized exercise plan will be developed, based on detailed postural and movement assessments, which may include orthopedic and resisted muscle tests, in addition to information gained during the massage.

Personal Training
$75/60 minute session
Training sessions are based on promoting functional movement patterns to enhance daily activities and/or sports performance.  Exercises may include the use of bodyweight, resistance bands, dumbbells, medicine balls, jump ropes, etc.  Each session combines elements of aerobic activity, stabilization & strength training, as well as the development of flexibility.

Package of 5-60 minute massage sessions - $375
Package of 5-60 minute personal training sessions - $325

Phone: 720-841-4682
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